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Growing your business will entail a different approach to marketing. You are looking for   real, measurable results that are cost effective, and traditional marketing methods are losing their impact. 

Guerrilla marketing is the ultimate solution. Thinking out of the box and daring where no one threads! Applying innovative street market concepts and activities to place your brand for maximum impact to your customers in a time and place when they aren't expecting a marketing message. This element of surprise will create openness and consequently and delights your audience, creating a strong impression of your brand.

  • Street marketing
    Our street team with out of the box communication gadgets will catch your customers off guard and keep them thinking about your brand
  • Experimental marketing
    We offer a multi-dimensional experience to your customers .Be it a person to person interaction with or street teams or a flash mop etc. JD TRADING makes your brand shine in a new and exciting ways
  • Venue marketing
    Shifting from traditional static marketing we put your business and offering on wheels and move them to any desired venue .We connect your brand to any environment be it a bar, market etc.

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