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Our Services


In an era of strong competition your brand is required to be outstanding, aesthetics of your work space, shop or show room will enable you  achieve this

Your décor will set the tone for your business and narrate the story of about your brand, professionalism, growth and success. Well though and decorated space will affect the quality of life your staff thus skyrocketing   productivity.

Your unique brand attributes will impress customer and partners at classy decorated corporate functions 

  • Custom furniture
    Specific to your brand we propose and create custom furniture that allows for an elevated interior design experience
  • Painting service
    Your exterior and interior painting of your business venue shall be the first welcome statement to your customer
    We offer
    • Consultancy for type and colour of paint suiting to your brand
    • Full painting service
    • Wall paper application etc.
  • Corporate event decoration
    Your guest and partners will feel at home if your corporate events are decorated using your brand attributes .we advise on choice of lighting, flower choices and dispositions, full décor service etc

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